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Teach with Passion – Manage with Compassion is the motto found on the resource books for Time To Teach. This program is the creation of Rick Dahlgren, a public school teacher. An entrepreneur at heart, he wrote the Time To Teach book and then began a journey teaching the concepts to educators across the country. His Center for Teacher Effectiveness (CTE) company formed and today he employs teachers and professional trainers as independent contractors spreading these philosophies of the Time To Teach program to educators.

Time to Teach Review

The Time To Teach program focuses on 5 main topics for reducing negative behavior in the classroom thus allowing a better learning and teaching environment. Here are their highlights:


* Self Control: The program teaches how to respond to challenges with a level head; adapt to changes a teacher cannot control; follow through on plans and turn good intentions into classroom reality; and how to give yourself as a teacher emotional “first aid” when frustration levels build.

Time to Teach Review

* Teacher Student Relationship… Unconditional Personal Regard: Teachers learn how to develop a good relationship with students and create an environment that fosters respect and harmony. This component is all about techniques of communication with a foundation of love to foster great and appropriate teacher-student relationships.

* Classroom Arrangement: Teachers learn how simple changes in desk arrangement, color, scent, lighting and even music can effect learning and harmony in the classroom.

* Teach To’s – Teaching Classroom Expectations: Teachers learn that good classroom behavior requires understanding by the student of rules and guidelines for learning and social interaction in the classroom. In this component CTE reveals a format to follow for developing “Teach To” lesson plans. Teach-To’s help students learn all of the behavioral skills necessary to be successful in the classroom and campus.

* Refocus – Discipline Process/Strategy: This component is the main part or heart of the program. It appears that all of the components work separately on their own merit; however, Refocus requires the support of at minimum, Teach-To’s and Unconditional Personal Regard in order to work well. Refocus is a way/process to limit and overcome behavioral issues by giving the responsibility to the student to make the required changes. One warning is given and the discipline begins if the student continues. Refocus has statistics in the resource manual given at the seminars that support this claim.

I personally went through the training and viewed all the positive historical data that CTE claims. The program material are strategies that help teachers and administrators limit their time with student behavior issues and spend more time on the productive side of their jobs.

It appears that there is no conflict with other Class Management services on the market today. Time To Teach seems to stand on its own and apparently some school districts across the country use the Time To teach strategy as a supplement to their existing programs.

Time to Teach Review

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